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LordFenton Associates (LFA) is a high value consulting practice which delivers exceptional results for customers in the oil & gas, energy and infrastructure sectors. The practice has been founded by Adrian Fenton, who is a Chartered Engineer, and has over 30 years experience in delivering programmes, major capital projects and business transformation.

LFA is quite different from many operations in that it is part of a wider enterprise, Travivas, which has a network to similar and linked businesses and can therefore provide its core skills flexibly and reliably, and if it is unable to service your exact customer needs to your timescales, it can organise someone who can. www.travivas.com 

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Areas of Expertise

Shutdown & TURNaround support

We help plan and organise all resources (people and equipment and parts) that are required for executing successful outages at power plants and across most on-shore assets.

Contracts management

We can manage contractors to enable the successful delivery of goods and services.


We are experienced C and I Engineers and will advise on a large range of control system approaches including automated shutdown.

Health & Safety, Sustainability,
Security & Environment

Through our network, we can find the customer the right resources to advise and manage HSSSE.

Value Management

We have tools and techniques which allow the customer to identify what is important to achieve project success. Following this we produce an appropriate Project Management Plan and stakeholder engagement programme.


We are experienced at carrying out peer reviews which assist the project personnel and bring in alternate thoughts and dimensions to project delivery.

Construction support

We carry out constructability reviews of engineering designs and ensure that designs are buildable before they reach the point of no return in the project cycle of field execution.

Resources & Planning

We provide end to end planning of projects and then show how the smoothing of resources in the plan can ensure that there is no major peaks and troughs which would make management more difficult.

Programme Management

Through our network, we will find the customer the right people to programme manage large tranches of work.

Lifting including specialist and heavy lifts

Through our network, we will find the customer the right people to manage heavy lifting.

Risk management

We provide hands on risk management processes and offer suggestions on the best in class risk mitigation techniques.

Supply Chain & Commercial

We advise on successful supply chain strategies and will deliver the production of requisitions to production of purchase orders, and then the procurement of goods.We carry out technical and commercial evaluations of bidder’s offers and recommend the preferred supplier. We oversee the supply of documentation and purchased goods to the job site, and carry out final inspections of equipment prior to release.

Project Management

We manage projects through the design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning phases, and ensure successful handover to operations.

Multi facility Management

Through our network, we will find the customer the right people to manage multi- facilities.

Project Sponsorship and monitoring

We provide coaching and mentoring to the project teams and support projects through monitoring and advising on corrective actions at early stages and in time to make a difference to the course of events.

Workshop facilitation

We are skilled at facilitating workshops and coaching to help achieve team building and therefore team success.


LFA will respond quickly to all your needs and requirements.
— Eric Lord


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